Monday, March 28, 2011

I *heart* our new neurologist!

Today we went to Spokane to establish care with Aja's new neurologist. Spokane is about two and a half hours away. The drive is beautiful. Washington is beautiful. Every day that I wake up I look out the window and think about how grateful I am to be here! Anyway, back to our little trip. Thanks to my awesome memory skillz, we were there a whole hour early! Mitch was so GRATEFUL for getting up 45 minutes earlier this morning for...nothing. So we decided to check out Gonzaga University, one of my favorite schools of all time! Not only do they have an awesome basketball team, beautiful grounds, they are home of two of some of the funniest guys ever. Barats and Bereta.

Chickity Check them Out!

After some initial confusion with the elevator (Boy were there a lot of buttons!), we found our way to the neurology floor. It was decorated so cute! We didn't have to wait long at all and the doc came in and here is what we found out!

1. Aja won't have to worry about her children having hydrocephalus. It's hereditary in boys the majority of the time. Hers came about because of my traumatic pregnancy and birth.

2. Her issues with being overly scared and stuff does not have something to do with anything going on inside her brain, it's just her :) (we were worried about her having equilibrium problems and depth perception issues).

3. This is the best part (even though it's a small chance, it's still something to hold on to). We love Aja for who she is and we will help her with her shunt for the rest of her life if need be, BUT she may just have a blockage that they can essentially "clean out"! YES!! So what they would need to do is have her go in and do an MRI under sedation so they can pinpoint the exact problem and then from there they can determine exactly what type of hydrocephalus she has. All we do know is that she does NOT have a tumor there. We chose to not have them "explore" when first placing her shunt as she was so young and everything happened so fast, it was hard to decide what to do. We just needed to get her taken care of first. But this means that maybe in the future Aja may be completely shunt-free! If not, that is fine, but it would definitely be a bonus.

4. Doctor who listens to me = a happy Monique!! He was so nice and so helpful!

After wandering around the hospital, and for all you Scrubs fans out there it's called The Sacred Heart, we went to lunch and headed home. All in all...A good day!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


WOW! It's been so long since I have blogged. I can't believe it. Sorry about that folks. Life has been a bit crazy since moving to Washington so I haven't had time to really update. I know you all have been foaming at the mouth for a little look see at my house so I guess I will let you see it.

This was right before we moved in when it snowed here in Kennewick. It's not everything we want (houses move FAST around here), but it works for right now and we couldn't be happier.

Anessa and Peyton have both started at the local elementary here and have really enjoyed it. Of course there was some apprehension about starting at a new school, but both have found great friends and that's what matters. Schools in Utah were a lot more behind than here in WA so the kids have had to play catch up since being here, but they seem to be doing okay. Anessa will be starting middle school in the fall! Hope we survive. She is now officially taller than me for all of you wondering. She's raiding my shirts all the time and has started wearing a bit of makeup. She's getting so big. Peyton is pretty much the same. Hasn't grown much, but is a big hit with the ladies! He says he gets chased around the playground a couple times a week by a couple different little girls. Funny how they show "affection" at that age.

Cohen has started at the Discovery Center here and he is thriving. He makes us laugh all the time. I can't believe he will be starting Kindergarten soon! It brings tears to my eyes. I'm happy to say that he has earned his title of "The Kennewick Pimp". He certainly has a way with the ladies and always talks about his "girlfriends". Yesterday, while I was teaching Zumba, a friend of mines daughter and him were ballroom dancing around the gym. It was pretty funny.

Aja is a running, dancing, sneaky little girl. She recently got her first hair cut (pics to come soon) and looks SO SO CUTE! She's in love with her daddy and has him wrapped around her finger. She's always saying something funny that she's overheard from one of the family. She's still as tiny as ever, but getting a little bit tall. We have the best pediatrician here and she's been really good on keeping up with Aja and her needs.

Mitch is enjoying his job and recently got a bit of a promotion. We are happy about that. He really loves Kennewick and he really loves living in Washington. I'm so glad he's happy here. He's been hanging out with a good group of guys and goes and plays poker and basketball often. He recently got called to be Assistant Cubscout Master and he's really excited about his calling. He's been really involved in helping Peyton get his badges and passing off things. He's gotten back into running which makes me happy. He has always loved running and the weather here in Kennewick is AWESOME.

I've been doing really good. I've settled here in WA a lot better than I thought. I just decided that even though I'm far away from a lot of great friends, that it doesn't mean I can't make great friends here and keep the ones in UT too! It's been so fun to hang out with different groups of awesome ladies! I couldn't ask for a better life right now. I've been teaching Zumba for free at my church, but recently got a subbing job at a local gym here. I'm really excited about it. It's a great opportunity. Also, I've been training for a body competition in July. I've been working out at Gold's for about 1.5 hours daily and then come home and either teach Zumba or participate with my friends doing P90X six days a week. Everyone calls me the workout queen. HAHA! It makes me laugh. Some days it really wipes me out (like today), but I've really enjoyed the changes my body has made and how it makes me feel. Mitch has been 100% supportive the whole time and helps keep me motivated.

Anyway, that is a quick update. I will post more pictures in the future. I just had a minute to update. I hope all is well with you and yours!