Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two Years:

Two years ago yesterday, Aja received her VP shunt. I am so thankful for modern technology and that Aja was able to be born during this time so that she could have a chance at life! I'm so thankful that I followed my "mom radar" and did not accept what her previous pediatrician was telling me (who I promptly fired after hearing her diagnosis). I'm also thankful that Little Miss has not had any major set backs from her condition. We have been lucky.

So as we have entered her two year mark, there were some things that we had to get arranged. First time shunts don't normally last more than two years, and hers was actually recalled last summer. Yeah. That was a lovely letter to receive. You should seriously NEVER have faulty hardware for A) The Heart B) The Brain. Luckily, after a CAT scan, hers remains intact. Anyway, back to what I was saying. Since Price is more rural than Logan, I felt really compelled to get Life Flight completely arranged so that in the event of her malfunction we are prepared. Man..Was that the hardest call EVER. I don't get to ride with her in the helicopter. I have to hand my baby over to complete strangers and trust that they don't crash and then she goes into surgery without me. All while I'm racing through the canyon which has...guess what?? NO cell reception. Nadda. ZIP! I cried. The poor gentleman on the phone tried really hard to calm me down, but it was no use. I don't know how people who frequent Life Flight do it. Seriously. It scares the dickens out of me! It's a 30 minute ride from here to Primary Children's. We take her in and they dispatch Life Flight, they immediately get her in to get her CAT scan, by the time that is done the helicopter should be there and they whisk her away. Terrifying. It will seriously be a test of faith not only in God, but in the people who take care of her. I'm lucky to have family that is willing to meet her at the hospital when she gets there and keep me updated. And luckily that person is my dad who Aja ADORES. The reason why she has to take Life Flight is because she no longer has soft spots to give her brain room to expand. The bones have now fused and any amount of pressure can cause problems. Even surgery is a risk. I could have my baby going in functioning at a "normal" level and have her come out with a mental handicap.

Anyway, enough about the scaries. Did I mention that this little girl LOVES Zumba? That is her new thing. She says "Momma! I do Doomba!" (she can't say her Z's yet) and then she puts her hands on her hips and rocks back and forth. Cutest. Thing. Ever. She also dances with the ladies when she comes to class with me. They think she's adorable...Uhh..Who DOESN'T?! She has the cutest little personality and the sweetest voice you will ever hear. I'm so thankful that she is here with us and that we were chosen to raise this little girl!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little Miss turns 2!

WOW! Time has just flown by since Aja was born. I can't believe she is already two. My baby is growing up. How sad!

This past weekend we got to celebrate her birthday with not just one but THREE parties. I will admit, I'm one tired mom. But we had a lot of fun! Here are some highlights:

Aja in her cute little party dress. It was of course still too big for her (everything is) but she looked like the princess that she is anyway.

Here is Aja's cake. It was a white chocolate cherry almond cake. I think it matched her girly personality really well. She kept saying "Tute!!" when she saw it.

Funny story about this little stuffed dog. Remember how I've told you Aja doesn't like animals? Well that is true about stuffed animals as well. When she opened the present, as soon as she saw the fur, she bolted. She would not come near that present for a good 20 minutes! It was so funny! I'm happy to say that she loves that dog now and won't put it down. Except for when it barks..then she doesn't like it again.

Each of my kids has burned their little nose on the candles at their second birthday party..Except Aja. Make a wish!!

After a long day of partying..Aja is tuckered out. She fell asleep in my grandpa's lap. It was super sweet.

Aja definitely completes our family. She has done so much this past year!

* Aja started walking at 14 months old*
* She has been potty training for a bit now and is getting better*
* Aja loves babies (the fake ones)! She will hold them, carry then around in her little pretend car seat (can't leave home without them. It gets a bit hectic but we make it work for her), cuddle them and rock them to sleep. It's so cute. She will make a good momma one day*
* She has started talking consistently and has the sweetest little voice ever*
* DEFINITELY our little fashionista!*
* She is so polite. She says "please" and "thank you" all the time*
* She can shoot a Nerf gun as good as any little boy. The bonus of having two older brothers*
* Cutest bum wiggle when she walks. Definite attitude in her step*
* Aja LOVES to dance and can't resist a good beat. Her fave song to dance to is Low*
* She's a little mommas girl. I call her my hip leech because that is where you can usually find her*
* Most beautiful eyes ever*


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Goblins:

For Memorial Day we decided to pack up the kids and head to Goblin Valley. I'm not quite sure, but I think they had fun. There were endless rocks to climb on, sand to play in and lizards to try and catch. Also, there was the joy of keeping track of Cohen, who not only thinks he's Jay-Z, but thinks that he can climb anything that his brother can and scared the living crap out of me...many times. Also, everyone we walked by Cohen would say "Hey! What's your name? My name is Cohen!" I think six different people told us how cute he was. I'll have to agree with that one.
Aja was super brave, and after a little coaxing from me, was walking around on her own and getting dirty just like the rest of them (which my back was eternally grateful for).

Cohen keeps pulling all these funny moves whenever we try to get a pic of him, so he has been dubbed Jay-Z.

Mama with her kids. I'm so proud of them.

Mitch and the boys managed to climb this really slick rock..without killing themselves.

Ness and Aja looking for rocks. Ness had been studying rocks all during her 4th grade year so she was fascinated by what she could find.

Aja wanted to wear that hat (don't ask me why) and she kept adjusting it into all these funny positions. She was a riot to watch!

And a little view of the scenery. It was a beautiful day.