Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Cutest Criminal on the Block:

We have done time-out with all of our children. With some kids it works and with some it doesn't. I have NEVER had a child stand there (quietly I might add), think things through and come out having learned their lesson and not repeat the infraction for an extended period of time. Until Aja. We have started to do time-outs with Aja since moving to Price, and I have to say...It works wonders. Not only does she stand their quietly, she also stands there like I'm about to throw her over a police cruiser and cuff her for finding something in her pocket.

And when she comes out she gets a huge hug and a snuggle because...well..Who could resist someone as cute as this!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I have Learned about Price:

We have lived in Price a little over 2 weeks now and while I have been here I have made some interesting observations.

1. I need a truck. Apparently I live in the "truck capital of Utah". Going to church it's like...truck, truck, SUV, truck, truck...van. Yeah. The van would be mine. Don't get me wrong. I love my van. It's economical, has an entertainment system, leather..seriously I think I'm one of the FEW people in my neighborhood that has a van.

2. It doesn't matter what my health was prior to moving I will ultimately get a cold wherever we end up. I've been sick for the past 2 weeks with a head cold. Lovely.

3. The sun does in fact exist. The weather here has been beautiful! I loved Logan and it had amazing scenery, but those of you who have lived or live there know what I'm talking about. The inversion is never ending.

4. Price is an older town which means I'm renting an older house. I think since Mitch and I have been married, I have lived in three places where the house was older and had been occupied prior to me. Call me snobby, I don't care, but I have a hard time dealing with other people's "goo". Needless to say, I have been scrubbing this house from top to bottom in order to feel like it's "mine". My only saving grace is that we have narrowed our choices down to a house plan and to two different lots. Then we can start building!

5. There is a reason why children have their own bathroom. We share one bathroom. Yes. ONE. Four kids plus two adults in one bathroom makes for a lot of cleaning for me. I scrub it down daily. Kids are gross. At least when we had two bathrooms I didn't have to see it every day and just cleaned twice a week. Now..daily. Tiring. We do have another bathroom here that we could use, but it's in the "creepy" part of the house and it's serving as my laundry room so there is just no possible way that anyone can use it. Also, see above.

Otherwise, we have been doing well. I haven't been able to start my Zumba classes yet because of this nasty cold, but I have classes scheduled for the first week in April! I'm really excited. Kids are adjusting to their new school and have already made some sweet little friends that come over just about every day. LOVE IT! However, I do miss all my friends in Logan. It has been hard because of that, but just know that I will be coming through for visits OFTEN!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Farewell Logan. Hello Price!

I'm wanting to get this post in because I KNOW I'm going to be very busy the next couple of days.

The time has come for the Bennett Family to say goodbye to Logan, UT. Mitch got an AWESOME job being the Controller for a company in Price, UT, and we will be moving down there this Sunday/Monday. It's such a bittersweet move for me. Mitch is the type of personality that when he makes a decision he moves forward and doesn't really look back. It's a good thing. He can separate himself a lot better than me. He has buddies that he will talk to, but he knows that this is the direction that he needs to go in so he's not having that hard of time. Okay..He's having a hard time. Dealing with ME! My days have been filled with last lunches and dinners with old friends, visits to the nursing home visiting a wonderful neighbor of mine and emotional breakdowns. He always says that I make friends so easily and that they end up being friends for life, and I KNOW that I will be up here visiting often, but not being a quick walk away is going to be so hard! So to all my friends here in Logan..I love you! It has been an amazing three and a half years. Thanks for all the laughs and fun times that we have shared! And all my Zumba ladies, keep it shakin'! I'm going to miss going to Zumba with you. I'm SO GLAD that you all came and tried it out. I knew you would love it!

On the plus side, Price isn't going to be that bad. Sure..They are a small town (12,00 people in Price, 20,000 total in Carbon County EEEP!), but I have an already established, demanding group of awesome ladies there that I will be leading in Zumba! I'm excited to start my own class! Also, I can FINALLY finish up my degree and go full-time instead of here and there. My biggest excitement though...WE GET TO BUILD A HOUSE! SWEET! We've found a couple of areas that we are interested in. We are trying to decide between 5 acres or just 1 acre. So here in the next couple of weeks I will post a picture of our lot and hopefully a couple weeks after that they will start breaking ground on my new house! For now we will be renting. This next week I'm going to be taking a look at the schools and see if Anessa and Peyton would do better in the Charter School they have there, or if they will do better in one of the elementary schools they have. I'm really excited because they have a center for Cohen kind of like the one they have here except that it's a facility TOTALLY dedicated to children with special needs. Also, Mitch has a super-amazing boss who amazes me all the time. Actually ALL the people Mitch has talked to have been really nice and I guess they are all very anxious for me to get down there so they can finally meet me. It's kind of nice when people already like you and they don't know you. HAHA! To be honest though, I have heard nothing but good about Price. I've heard that a lot of people wish they could go back. I'm looking forward to it. I'm always up for a new adventure.

Here will be the new landscape we will be looking at. Pretty in a rugged sort of way.